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Why Choose Us

Do you want a lawn care company that answers their phone, calls you back and shows up? That is exactly what you can expect from Sunny Dayz Lawn Care every time. We know that your time is valuable, and we provide reliable, consistent and high-quality service that you can count on. 


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Lawn Maintenance

Are you tired of spending your evenings or weekends mowing your lawn? We can take care of your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn mowing service is offered weekly or biweekly and at various intervals as the seasons change.

Services we provide:
-Mowing your property at the perfect height with our Gravely mowers
-Trimming and Edging all walkways with our Echo brand power equipment
-Blow off all hard surfaces 

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Flowerbed Mulching and Borders

Tired of seeing weeds and old ugly mulch in your flowerbeds? Flowerbed mulching is not only pleasing to the eye but is also beneficial. Mulch traps in moisture so you don’t need to water as often. It also serves as an insulator so that plants are protected from the heat and cold. Mulch also suppresses weeds which keeps your flowerbeds looking great. To keep grass and weeds from encroaching on your flower beds, installing a border is a great solution.

Our mulching and border services we provide:
-Weed removal from flower beds
-Installation of barrier fabric
-Spreading of mulch, Pine Straw, Shredded Bark, Bark Chips, Rock 
-Installation of new flowerbed border or repair of existing border 

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Do you have overgrown hedges or shrubs? Do your palms have fronds that need to be removed? Possibly low hanging tree branches? Trimming back growth, a couple times a year not only helps the health of your plants but also boosts curb appeal.

Services we provide:
-Trim formal and/or informal hedges
-Minor tree trimming of low hanging branches or pruning to maintain the tree’s natural shape
-Pruning of shrubs to keep them strong and healthy 


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Wow! My yard looks amazing after they mulched the leaves. I walked outside while he was working and it truly looked like all my leaves had been vacuumed up! Thanks for the awesome job.

Michelle Gerardi

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Just outstanding. I’ve neglected my yard due to being so busy and Sunny Dayz has helped me so much in getting it back to normal! They do everything, mowing, bush/tree trimming and shaping, weedeating, edging and they are going to help me do my garden around the edge of my house. The work they do is top notch and they are truly affordable.

Aileiah Clarke

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I highly recommend using Sunny days lawn care. Dave is reasonably priced and very detailed on my yard. I couldn't be happier :)

Robert Pedicord

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About Our Company

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Our commitment to quality and consistency has allowed us to grow to our maintenance customers.

We are dedicated to providing our loyal customers with lawn care maintenance service to residential homeowners, property management companies, and commercial properties that is second to none.

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